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Live in color

New Exhibition is on view at the Art Center Sarasota.

The Art Center Sarasota has selected Alissa Silvers to be a featured artist in the rotating upcoming exhibit season where she'll present "Live in Color", an exclusive exhibition drawing inspiration from vibrant beach cities of South Florida including Miami, West Palm Beach, and Sarasota.


Thursday, September 1, 2022, from 6-8pm.


Local artist, Alissa Silvers presents  Live in Color, an exclusive series drawing inspiration from vibrant “beach cities” of South Florida including Miami, West Palm Beach, and Sarasota.


Works featured in Live in Color explore the feeling one experiences 


Commonalities in colors such - pink, blue, green, and yellow work cohesively together to portray a playful and provocative feeling. The colors used were carefully selected to mock that special, tropical water and buildings one would see strolling down Ocean Drive in Miami or beachside markets of West Palm Beach and cruising through Sarasota. As a result, the works are harmonious in accomplishing the South Florida coastal experience.

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